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3 weeks for Indoc (Indoctrination)
24 weeks for BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training in Coronado, California
5 weeks for Parachute training in San Diego, California
16 weeks of SQT (SEAL Qualification Training)

It takes roughly around two years of training before a Navy SEAL actually goes into combat.

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Its 50 weeks long in till you get your trident pin then your officially a navy seal......But then your assigned to a team and so on. so all together it takes a little less than a 3 year because with in the teams you have medics and communications weapons expert snipers and so on.

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The minimum that I was allowed to sign up for was 6 years

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2-4 years

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Q: How many years training does it take to become a Navy Seal?
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How long is navy SEAL training?

Navy Seal training lasts about nine months.

What does BUD'S mean in the Navy?

BUD/S is the Navy acronym for Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training. BUDS, is the first training step for SEAL recruits; though recruits can pass BUDS training, it doesn't mean they'll go on to become SEAL's, as SEAL training follows BUDS.

How do you become a SEAL sniper?

First you have to be in the Navy, then accepted into the SEAL unit. Then sign up for training as a sniper, then pass and get accepted.

Can a Navy SEAL become a sniper then an officer if he has an education?

A Navy SEAL can become a sniper, then an officer if he has an education.

How many years of education needed to become a navy seal?

high school grad..................

Can an Active Duty Navy SEAL become a Buds instructor?

Yes, it is possible for an active duty Navy SEAL to become a BUD/S instructor. However, the selection process for becoming a BUD/S instructor is highly competitive and rigorous. It requires meeting certain qualifications, including having a strong record as a SEAL and completing additional training.

How to become a navy seal infantry man from start to finish?

There is a few things you have to do to become a Navy Seal man. You have to start with signing up for the Navy.

What training is worse than Navy Seal training?

NONE! They are the best of the best!

Do you have to have combat expience to become an navy seal?


Can you sign up to be a navy seal?

You can sign up and get a contract to go to Bud/s where you can attempt to become a Navy Seal.

How hard is it to become a navy seal?

First of all it's spelt U.S. Navy SEAL. And the training to become one is called BUD/s or Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL. The training is the most physically and mentally grueling in the world. Yet if you have a no quit attitude and are in good shape you can make it. Remember the training is there to help you become a SEAL not for no reason to torture you.

What does the navy seals training consist of?

Navy SEAL training consists of the BUD/s (basic underwater demolition and SEAL), a physical screening test at the beginning and end of training, 2 weeks of regular training and a week called "Hell week"