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As of the 19th of January he would be 70years old if he wasn't shot.

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Q: How old would lee Harvey oswald be right now in the present?
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How would you describe Lee Harvey Oswald?

A troll!

Why would Jack Ruby kill JFK?

He didn't. Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy and Jack Ruby killed Oswald.

When was Lee Harvey Oswald killed?

November 24, 1963 was the date that Jack Ruby, a local night-club operator, shot and killed Oswald, who was in police custody.

Where was Lee Harvey Oswald arrested?

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested at the Dallas theater after being dropped off by a light coloured station wagon with a gun rack later spotted at a service station on Davis street close to the theater,Deputy sheriff Roger Craig spotted Lee Harvey Oswald getting into the Nash on Dealey Plaza driven by Jack Ruby or Mac Wallace ,Lee arrived at the theater about 1300pm before Harvey Lee Oswald left his rooming house and officer Tippet was shot. Lee Harvey oswald was up stairs when Harvey entered the building followed later by the Dallas police,Harvey was arrested and escorted out of the front and and Lee the rear exit and hurried away after giving proof of his identy,Lee was later spotted out side a Mexican restaurant nearby in a red sports car. Both Oswalds are now dead and there bodies in the same grave in Rose Hill if iam wrong lets have some DNA Please understand the above is a joke, based on your calling Lee Harvey Oswald, "Harvey Lee Oswald". He is pretending there were two Oswalds running around (I am pretty sure Oswald's mother and brother Robert would have noticed another Oswald!). There is evidence of LHO taking a bus and a taxi, IIRC, but nothing about station wagons, or any proof that Ruby or Wallace did any such thing, or were in a position to. And when Oswald was exhumed, there was only one body found, of course. So to answer your real question with a real answer... he was arrested at the Texas Theater in Dallas.

Did the mafia kill JFK?

There is no evidence to link the mafia with Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who shot Kennedy. Oswald was known to dislike minorities, including Italians which means he would not likely have cooperated with them in any case, much less killed the President for them.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a freemason?

I don't think so, but it is possible. I spoke to JFK on the ouija board, and asked him if it was the secret service that killed him. He said no, that it was "Ozzy". I asked if he was working alone or if he was working for someone else, and he said "Mason". Based off of this, I would say that Lee Harvey Oswald was either a freemason, or at the very least had some connection to the masons.

Did lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK and why?

Yes- there is little doubt that he did even though he did not live to stand trial and be convicted.

Why didnt Lee Harvey Oswald think it would be too difficult to get to JFK How would he have known before hand the police or secret service were not going to be in or waching his building for snipers?

Oswald worked in the building where he shot JFK, so he knew that he would be alone in that room at the time. Plus, Presidential security wasn't as good as it is now, so Lee was pretty much in the clear.

How good of a sniper was Lee Harvey Oswald?

Obviously, adequate. To be more specific, he was a Marine-trained individual who earned a Marksman level in the Marine Corps. As a marksman, he would be well above the average for a civilian.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Russian spy?

Actually if you look at the movie salt it will show lee Harvey oswald his spy name was mason reference to the game call of duty black ops alex mason also it will say viktor reznov it wont say viktor just reznov referring to the game again reznov was too thanks for letting me comment take this to mind

Who was the man accused of killing JFK?

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the shooting of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Some people dispute the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter.The arguement against Lee Harvey Oswald as the shooter states that Kennedy's head moved back, giving the impression that one of the shots came from the front, not the rear. Some think there were multiple shooters as well. It is estimated there were up to four shooters with 2 to 3 of them hitting President Kennedy. Since JFK was only hit by two different bullets, it is hard to understand how three of them managed to hit him.Some say Oswald was set up to take the fall and be silenced; that Jack Ruby was allowed to shoot Oswald dead to quell any more information about the wider conspiracy. There were several witnesses who claimed to have heard shots from behind the wall and the grassy knoll among other vantage points.The arguement for Lee Harvey Oswald being the shooter states that JFK's head exploded forward and to the right, causing a twisting motion back and to the left as that was the only way it could go, according to Newton's Laws of Motion.Oswald murdered a police officer, and tried to shoot the arresting officers, an odd thing for an innocent man to do. There were people who later claimed they heard shots coming from other places. But the vast bulk of witnesses heard the shots from Oswald's direction. The other witnesses may have heard an echo instead of noticing the actual shots... or they may have enjoyed the attention, and perhaps money, they got for saying what some people wanted to hear. Oswald held up his own transfer, or would have been gone long before Jack Ruby showed up. He wanted to be famous and historical, and nothing else he had tried, including another attempt to assassinate a public figure, had worked.

What has the author Joe H Tonahill written?

Joe H. Tonahill has written: 'Why Lee Harvey Oswald would have been acquitted for the murder of President John F. Kennedy' -- subject(s): Trials (Murder)