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It is debatable that three branches of Government actually DO matter.

They are: Federal, State, and Municiple.

There is political movement in some countries do "do away" with State Government, & expand local Council/Municiple Government to fill the vacancy.


The three branches of the US government are:

  • Executive
  • Judicial
  • Legislative
Those three branches provide checks and balances, one against the others, to ensure that the government abides by the Constitution. Please read the link, below for the whole story.
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The legislative branch of government is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. There job is to make the laws for our country.

The executive branch government are supervising the people of the country to obey the law.

The judicial branch of government decides if the laws are fair.

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Legislative branch (congress) writes laws

Executive branch (president) enforces or vetoes laws

Judicial branch (supreme court) ensures laws are constitutionally legal.

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Each branch acts as a "check" on the powers of the other branches so that the powers of government are not consolidated in one person.

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What is the three-way division of power among the branches of the federal government known as?

The three-way division of power among the branches of the federal government is known as a system of checks and balances. The three divisions are the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

In what way is Australia's government like that of the US?

they all have the three branches of government and so does new zealand.

What are the three different branches of government called?

The branches of government are called branches due to the way the flow of power is generally diagrammed. We, the people, the the source or root of the power and we empower the government in three main ways. Those are the branches.

What was the whole idea of the Three Branches of Government?

The purpose was to keep the other two branches in check. This way all branches have the same amount of power and cant take over the U.S.

What were Montesquieu's ideas about government?

He felt that the best way to protect liberty was to divide the various functions and powers of government into three branches. The felt each branch should be able to check on the other and help if needed. He did not approve of absolute monarchy.

What is the purpose of limiting the powers of the three branches of the US Federal Government?

The Framers structured the government in this way to prevent one branch of government from becoming too powerful, and to create a system of checks and balances. Under this system of checks and balances, there is an interplay of power among the three branches.

The three way division of power in the federal government?

I think you mean the Separation of Powers. That is the division of authority among the branches of government.

How do you write a paragraph about the three branches of government?

WikiAnswers will not write your paragraphs for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell them about this topic? Look up some facts about the branches of government! How would you explain these facts to your friend? What do the three branches do? If you just start writing, you will be through with your assignment before you know it!

What describes one way the Ohio Constitution is similar to the U.S. Constitution?

Both constitutions divide the powers of government into three branches.

One way in which the US Constitution differed from the Articles of Confederation was that the Constitution?

The Constitution created a national government having three branches.

What did the Virginia Plan propose as a way of dividing power in the government?

go and look for it in your mind oh and its that they divided the supreme court in to three branches:)

What did the constitution accomplish?

It set up a system of government and laws which allowed the branches of the government not to become too powerful. It also help pave the way for the modern government we have today.