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If I'm understanding your Q, - no, in fact, the opposite. it is something generated in a different year than what it is used in.

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Q: Is a NOL carryback or carry forward unique to each year?
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What form is used to carry back losses on your income tax return?

You cannot carryback on a personal tax return. Investment losses (generally on stock) are able to be carried forward, used against the same type of gains in future years, and up to 3K a year against ordinary income each year on your 1040. On a corporate, (form 1120) it is done on line 29a

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How many years can business losses be carried forward against tax?

Capital Losses Specifically for Corporations as per the internal revenue code section 1212: If a corporation has a net capital loss for any taxable year, the amount thereof shall be- (A) a capital loss carryback to each of the 3 taxable years preceding the year of the loss, but only to the extent- (i) such loss is not attributable to a foreign expropriation capital loss, and (ii) the carryback of such loss does not increase or produce a net operating loss for the taxable year to which it is being carried back; (B) except as provided in subparagraph (C), a capital loss carryover to each of the 5 taxable years succeeding the loss year; and (C) a capital loss carryover- (i) in the case of a regulated investment company to each of the 8 taxable years succeeding the loss year, and shall be treated as a short-term capital loss in each such taxable year.

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