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No, there is not a computer in the United States President's Oval Office. President Obama will be the first President to have a computer in the Oval Office.

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Q: Is there a computer in the oval office?
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What is the president's office is called?

The President's office is called the oval office.

The name of the president office?

The Oval Office.

Is oval office capitalized?

It is if you mean the Oval Office in the White House.

What shape is the office of the US president?

It is called the Oval Office because of its oval shape.

Is the oval office oval?


What branch is the oval office in?

The "Oval Office" is the office of the President of the United States, who is the head of the Executive branch.

What is the name of the President's special office?

The Oval Office. It is oval because George Washington liked oval like shapes.

Name of presidents office in White House?

The President's office in the White House is called the Oval Office.On an early October morning in 1909, President William Howard Taft became the first President to walk into the Oval Office. Greeting the 27th President of the United States were silk velvet curtains and a checkerboard floor made of mahajua wood from the Philippines. Caribou hide tacked with brass studs covered the chairs in the room. President Taft chose the olive green color scheme.The Oval Office was different from the office of President Theodore Roosevelt, who built the West Wing in 1902. Roosevelt's office was rectangular. Taft relocated the office and changed its shape to oval, like the Blue Room in the White House.

What shape is the blue room in the white house?

Oval. It is called the Oval Office.

What is the name of the garden outside the oval office?

the rose garden is just outside of the oval office

What is the name of the presidential office?

The Oval Office

What do the presidents do in the oval office?

The oval office is where presidents meet with staff and make decisions.