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he wanted to promote the growing sense national unity.

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i think its national unity

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Q: President James Monroe wanted to promote the growing sense of?
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Why do you suppose that President Monroe wanted to protect these baby republics?

Why do you suppose that President Monroe wanted to protect these "baby republics?"

What did James Monroe want?

he first wanted to be a solider then a lawyer then the president

Why did President Monroe believe it was necessary to create Monroe doctrine?

Monroe wanted to signify a clear break between the New World and the autocratic realm of Europe.

Why did president Roosevelt issue the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctorine?

He wanted to help the people in Cuba.

Does the Monroe doctrine represent a continuation or a Chang in president Washington foreign policy?

In reality, the Monroe Doctrine expanded on the foreign policy of Washington. Washington wanted the British to stay out of the Western Hemisphere. Monroe wanted all foreign powers to stay out.

Why did President Monroe issue the Monroe Doctrine aid Latin American nations?

wanted to warn European powers against intervention in Latin america

Which U.S President wanted to promote physical fitness?

All recent U.S. Presidents have tried to promote physical fitness. The first modern President to do so was Teddy Roosevelt. .

Why did President Monroe want to end European colonization in the Americas?

They wanted peace between the two countries.

Who was the president who wanted to form the league of nations to promote peace and prevent future wars?

Woodrow Wilson .

Why did Douglas run for president?

he wanted to become president becusae he wanted too

What did Obama wanted to be when he was little boy?

i think he wanted to be president and got it (i think)

What did Marilyn Monroe care for?

she loved children and she wanted to have some one day