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The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as an opinion. Rulings by the US Supreme Court cannot be appealed by a higher court.

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Q: The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as what?
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What is the official decision of the US Supreme Court called?

The US Supreme Court decision is called the "opinion of the Court," which most often refers to the majority opinion (decision signed by the most justices) on a case. Sometimes, however, the "official decision" may be a "per curiam" ruling (issued unsigned) or a "plurality" (an opinion, often concurring in judgment, endorsed by more justices than the formal "opinion of the Court.").For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What is the Supreme Court known as?

It is known as the Supreme Court.

Which branch decides if a decision by the president is unconstiutional?

The judicial branch also known as the Supreme Court.

In 1857 the Supreme Court took a pro-slavery stand that pushed the US closer toward war This decision was known as what?

The Dred Scott decision.

What are unsigned opinions which outline the reasoning behind a nearly unanimous Supreme Court decision known as ?

a per curiam opinion

What is a written explanation of a US Supreme Court decision called if five or more justices agree?

Five or more justices who agree on a decision form a majority. The written decision is sometimes called the "majority opinion," but is officially known as the "opinion of the Court" to signify its importance.

What is a judge that sits on Supreme Court bench called?

Judges on the Supreme Court are known as justices.

The highest court at state level is the supreme court?

state supreme court

Which court is known as the GI Supreme Court?

The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Since cases can be appealed to the US Supreme Court from the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, it is really not the equivalent of a supreme court.

What supreme court was known as the little man's lawyer?

kyrans court

Who or what is the head of the Judicial Branch of the US government?

The Supreme Court of the United States, as an institution, is head of the Judicial branch of government. The Chief Justice of the United States (colloquially known as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) leads during his tenure.Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., has presided over the US Supreme Court since 2005.

How are decided cases used in court?

The previously decided cases are called precedents. The US Supreme Court "opinion of the Court" (the official decision in a case) sets a binding precedent, meaning all other courts are supposed to adhere to the Supreme Court's legal or constitutional interpretation (are "bound" by the decision) when deciding future cases.Using a previous court decision to support your case is called citing precedent.The doctrine encouraging the use of precedents is stare decisis (Latin: let the decision stand).