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There are several types of grants available for college students. Students could receive federal Pell grants, federal opportunity grants, and teacher education grants.

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categorical-formula, block, and project grants.

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Q: The three types of federal grants are presently being administered?
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Can I get free grants and scholarships?

The Federal Government Gives Away 10 Billion Dollars In Government Grants Each & Every Month. So student can do that what they want. Free Cash Grants are being funded by the U.S. Government and Private Foundations. These Grants are Funded from Your Tax Dollars.

10 The modern-day structure of categorical federal grants-in-aid came into being?

at the end of world war 2

A type of federal grants in aid monies from which are to be used in a particular but broadly defined area?

Categorical grant

I need to get grant money to purchase a small business being sold in April 2009.?

There are many grants you can apply for given your situation, There are minority and women grants. You should first visit your nearest SBA (small business administration) they will have a list of different grants and loans the city, state and federal government might have available. They also provide you with a mentor and help you with your business plan.

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Where can I obtain more information on college grants?

To find information about college grants you should visit this site:, where you will find the types of grants being given, if you are eligible, where you can study and how to apply for the grant, including the requirements.