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Q: What GPA do you need to transfer from a community college to Rutgers?
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Does Rutgers Newark accept Saint Peter's College credits for transfer students?

You will need to talk to the people at Rutgers. They will have the specific requirements for transfer of credits.

How many credits you need to transfer from county college to Rutgers university?

If County College is a two year institution then ~ 60 credit hours to transfer.

What classess do you need to take to transfer from a community college to NYU?

It depends on the major. Just make sure you are in a transfer program at the community college. They are typically the associate of arts and associate of science degrees. Also, meet with the transfer counselor at the community college who will be able to guide you appropriately.

Is it possible be a radiologist if you go to a community college and take Medical Radiologic Technology and transfer to a 4 year college?

It's important to see a transfer counselor at the community college, to ensure the you are in a transfer program to a four year institution. Also ask if the community college has any transfer articulations with four year colleges and universities for that specific program where they offer a full faith in credit transfer. It is my suspicion that you are not going to get all the prerequisites you will need at the community college level is indeed you are pursuing a doctorate.

How many units do you need to transfer from a community college to a state college?

Check the requirements for the school you want to transfer to.

Do you need to do communtiy service to get into a community college?

Assuming that all community colleges are the same, no. Community colleges are considered junior colleges, and not the same as universities or other four year institutions. Most students transfer out of community college after their first two years. In general, community colleges accept anyone, and everyone. Therefore, no, you do not need community service to get into a community college.

What are the requirement courses that are needed to take in community college in order to transfer into UC Bekerley for the computer science major?

You should meet with the transfer counselor at the community college for accurate information. However, you need to make sure you are in a computer science transfer program (major). Typically, it will be an associated or science degree, unless the community college has an articulation agreement with UC Berkeley for other degree types.

What SAT score do you need to get into Hostos community college?

you dont need SAT for Hostos Community college

Is Rutgers university good for premed?

Yes, Rutgers University is good for premed. To get into Rutgers, one will need to apply at the admissions office.

What college do you need a GPA of 0.6 to get in?


What is the average SAT scotes of incoming freshman at Chemeketa Community College?

you dont need to have a SAT for Chemeketa, its a community college.

What you need to enter college at mott community college in flint mi?

a pulse.