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If you are talking about impeachment, the Senate tries the president and can convict him of impeachment charges passed by the House.

If the president actually committed a crime, he could be indicted, tried and convicted by the court system like any other citizen.

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Q: What US body can convict the President?
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What numeric margin is required to convict and remove a president?

The Senate must have a two-thirds vote, or at least 67 senators, to convict the president of impeachment, and remove him from office. The same margin is required to decide if the president should be impeached in the House of Representatives.

The vice president is the president of what legislative body?

The US Senate

To vote to remove the president from office?

The US House of Representatives can bring impeachment charges against the President. If such charges are brought (which has happened twice in US History), then the Senate can vote to convict and remove the President by a 2/3 vote (which has never happened).

What was the outcome of president Clinton's impeachment?

the Senate did not convict him.

What does Dickens description of the first convict tell about him?

Dickens describes the convict as being a fearful man dressed in grey with a great iron chain around his leg. He seems to have been battered and bruised due to the amount of cuts on his body from nettles and flints etc. This tells us that the convict is in fact a convict and an escaped one at that.

Which numbered pair of phrases best completes this diagram of the presidential impeachment process apex?

(1) Two-thirds of the Senate votes to convict the president. (2) The president is removed from office.

What is the body of electors who formally elect the US president and vice president?


The convict was expected to shoot at us What is that sentence in active voice?

The sentence needs an agent (someone to perform the action of the verb)."We expected the convict to shoot at us" is active voice. We is the agent.People expected that the convict would shoot at us.

What margin is required to convict and remove a president?

A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to convict the President from office. A simple majority in the House suffices to impeach and force the Senate to hold a trial.

What body has the power to impeach a US president?

The Senate

What must the vote be in an impeachment of the US president?

Impeachment by the House (formally charging the President with misconduct) only requires a simple majority of the Representatives present and voting. The actual trial on an impeachment takes place in the US Senate, where a 2/3 vote is required to convict.

Where in the Constitution does it tells us who is required to convict or remove a president?

The right of the House to impeach appears in Article I, section2, last paragraph.The duty of Senate to hold impeachment trials and the 2/3 requirement to convict appears in Article I section 3 , paragraph 6.