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Legislative branch

Legislative branch = Congress

Judicial branch = courts

Executive branch = President and cabinet

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Executice branch.

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The executive branch messages congress.

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Q: What branch sends messages to congress?
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What three major messages does the president send to congress?

The three major messages that the president sends out to the congress are the state of union, the economic reports and the budget message. He sends these messages out using his message power.

How does the legislative branch grant money?

The president sends them a budget and they pass it or they don't. Congress does not grant money.

Which branch of government may call a meeting of both houses of Congress?

The executive branch, specifically the president, has the power to call a meeting of both houses of Congress. This is known as a joint session of Congress and is typically done to deliver important messages or proposals.

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What congress is the executive branch in?

The executive branch is part of our Congress.

What branch is the the Library of Congress in?

Library of Congress is in the Legislative branch.

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