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Elizabeth lies about her reasons for firing Abigail to stop from hurting her husband. She know about the affair he had with Abigail.

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Because she wants to protect John

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Q: What does Elizabeth lie about her reason for firing Abigail?
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What lie did John Proctor tell to Elizabeth which makes her more suspicious of him?

John tells Elizabeth that he was in a large group of people when he spoke to Abigail. Later he says to Elizabeth that Abigail and himself were alone, casting suspicion on him from Elizabeth.

What lie did John Proctor tell Elizabeth which makes her more suspicious of hi?

He lied about seeing Abigail alone.

Why would Elizabeth lie about the affair between Abigail and John Proctor in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

She lies because she is trying to protect him.

Why does Elizabeth Proctor lie to Danforth about her Husband relationship with Abigail William?

Elizabeth lies to save her husbands name. your name was a big thing to 'let go' of or 'sell out'. and therefore, Elizabeth thought she was doing her husband a huge favour by 'saving' his name.

Why Did Abigail Williams Lie?

Abigail Williams lied...ALOT...She lied to get herself out of trouble and to keep a "white" reputation.

What were some of Abigail's lies?

People tend to lie all of the time for different reasons. There are perhaps millions of people in the world that are named Abigail. It is hard to determine why people lie when they don't have to.

Why does Elizabeth proctor lie to judge Danforth about her husband's relationship with Abigail?

Because She Didnt Want Him to Get In Any Trouble And Have His Name Shame Put Out For Everyone to see...We Are Reading It Now and its HELLA GOOD Hope This Helps..:)

Who was john proctor in the crucible?

proctor is husband of elizabeth farmer in his middle 30s had an affair with abigail has 3 sons ( one not baptized ) accused of making mary sign the devil's book ( Mary gave in to abigail's games out of fear) arrested for giving in to mary's lie hung for signing and ripping up contract ( saying he dealt with the devil )

How is the theme of love in The Crucible?

One theme is through jealousy inwhich Abigail williams is in love with john proctor and is willing to kill his wife by accusing her of being "Bewitched" so this way Abigail can take her spot as John Proctors Wife. another theme of love in the crucible is John Proctor's love for Elizabeth even though he was unfaithful to her in the past but he cleary makes it up to her by looking past his reputation and telling the court of his affair and trying to avoid Abigail to please his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth Proctor also shows clear devotion to John by being able to lie in the court when asked if John Proctor has ever been in bed with Abigail inwhich she lies so he may have his reputation clear and to keep him from being another victim of the court.

Why does a nice person lie for no reason?

If there is no reason for it then obviously no reason can be given.

What does John Proctor say that Elizabeth never does?

tell a lie

Why does Elizabeth lie about John's affair?

She wants to protect John.