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go get a job

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Q: What is having to do with a governor of a governor?
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Having to do with a governor of a governor is?


What is a word that means having to do with a governor?

Gubernatorial is a word that means having to do with a governor.

Having to do eith a governor of a governor?


What is a word having to do with a governor?


How do you remove the governor on a Acura Integra?

You can remove the governor on an acura integra by having the ecu chipped.

Is Kansas Democrat?

Kansas, despite having a democrat for a governor, usually votes republican.

How old must you be to be a US governor?

The United States does not have a single governor. Each state has their own governor. So there is no answer to this question as their are fifty governors, each having their own age.

Who was the first governor of Ca after statehood?

California became a state on September 9, 1850. The first governor was Peter Hardeman Burnett, who was elected almost a year prior and continued as the governor after statehood. The first governor to BECOME governor AFTER statehood was John McDougal who, as the then Lieutenant Governor, was elevated to Governor when Burnett resigned in 1851. The first governor ELECTED after statehood was granted was California's 3rd governor, John Bigler, who was elected in 1852. California's 2nd Governor, John McDougal was elected as Lieutenant Governor before California became a state and succeed Burnett as governor upon Burnett's resignation - never having been elected as governor.

Did General Thomas Gage take over as governor for Hutchinson?

Yes. Thomas Hutchinson (1711-1780) was the Loyalist governor of Massachusetts from 1758 to 1774. Disliked by many colonists, he was replaced by General Gage in May 1774, the British government having decided to install a military governor.

What Tennessee governor was president of a foreign country?

Sam Houston was governor of Tennessee and later became President of the Republic of Texas which was briefly an independent country, having declared independence from Mexico and before it joined the US.

What very English sauce is actually from India having been brought home by a former governor of Bengal?

Worcestershire Sauce

What are the formal qualifications of the Governor?

There are no formal qualifications for being the Governor of Ohio as written in the Ohio Constitution. There are, however, informal qualifications, such as being a resident of Ohio for x amount of years and probably having prior political or executive experience.