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Q: What is the most famous college in Washington state?
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Who is most famous person in Washington state?

the president!

What is the most northwestern state?

In the United States, Washington is the northwestern most state.

What is the name of the most famous tornado in Washington state?

Tornadoes do not have names, hurricanes do. No tornadoes in Washington appear to have been bad enough to have any real claim to fame.

Who are the most famous basketball team?

Well, the Jazz are very famous. And very well liked.

Which state grows the most apples?


Which is a product that Washington is most famous for?


Who is the most famous presedint?

George washington

Who are the famous residents in Washington?

Washington state was admitted to the union on November 11, 1889. Famous people from Washington state include Bob Barker, James Caviezel, and musician Michael Carke.

What is the most famous college in KY?


What is Florida's most famous college?


Who is the most famous person in Washington?

malachi macias

What is the most popular city in Washington?

Seattle is the most populous city in the state of Washington.