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the stress goes on the second syllable

( a LOW ance)

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Q: What is the word stress on the word allowance?
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Is allowance a compound word?

Allowance is not a compound word.

What is another English word for allowance?

allowance already is an English word.

Opposit of allowance?

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no words for the opposite of the word 'allowance'.

Does allowance have a prefix or suffix?

Allowance does not have a prefix or a suffix. It is a standalone word.

What is the antonym for allowance?

Antonyms for the word allowance are loss, forfeit and whole.

What is the root word for allowance?

The root word for allowance is "allow." It comes from the Old French word "alouer," meaning "to approve" or "to grant."

Is allowance an adverb?

Allowance is a noun.Example sentence:Sarah receives ten dollars for her allowance each week.The company does not make any allowance for absences caused by weather.

Is allowment a word?

Yes allowance is a word. As auto correct has probably spelled it for you when you typed this question in. :)

Can you give me a sentence with the word allowance?

I want allowance because I do chores OR I deserve allowance because I do chores OR I want my allowance now because I want to go shopping

How do to use the word allowance in a sentence?

The boy has three chores to do each week and then he earns an allowance. She saved her allowance for weeks to buy the video game.

Is allowance an abstract noun?

The noun allowance can be a concrete or an abstract noun, depending on use:Allowance is an abstract noun as a word for something permitted or an amount paid.Allowance is a concrete noun as a word for a measurement, such as fabric for a seam allowance.

What is the luhya word for stress?

The Luhya word for the English word 'stress' is "nyasia".