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It's Haunted

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Q: What is wrong with the rose room in the white house?
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Is there a rose garden in the White House?

The rose garden is on the grounds of the White House.

Why is the Tudor Tudor rose red and white?

the joining of the white and red rose. House of york is the white rose and the house of lancashire is the red rose!!

What is the White House rose garden?

The White House Rose Garden is a scenic view of all the beautiful flowers!!!

What was the emblem for the house of lancaster and the house of york?

Lancaster - red rose York - white rose

How did the Tudor rose get its name?

After the Wars of the Roses the two emblems - the white rose of the House of York and the red rose of the House of Lancaster - were merged to form the Tudor rose. The rose combines both red and white petals.

What is the rose for in war of the roses?

There were two roses involved in this war. There was the red rose for the House of Lancaster, and the white rose for the House of York.

Which family was the red rose family in the tudor's time?

The House of Lancashire. The House of York's symbol was a white rose.

What flower was the emblem of the york during the war of the roses?

The white rose. The red rose was the emblem of the House of Lancaster.

Did Tricia have a White House wedding?

Yes in the Rose Garden

What is the meaning of white and red roses?

Giving someone red and white roses shows that you care for them. A red rose symbolizes love. A white rose symbolizes friendship. The red rose represented the Royal house of Lancaster and the white rose the house of York. Both families were involved in the war of the roses to decide who should rule England

What made the Tudor rose look the way it does?

The Tudor Rose badge is a red rose with a white rose inside it. Red for the House of Lancaster, and white for the House of York.

What became known as the War of the Roses?

the to houses house of Lancaster (red rose) and the house York (white rose) were fighting each other and that is where it came from.