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Social Security Act

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Q: What law makes it possible for disabled workers to receive payments from the government?
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What is free for 100% disability veteran get?

Disability Compensation: Veterans rated as 100% disabled receive monthly disability compensation payments from the VA.

How do we receive a grant up to $50,000 or 6 months mortgage payments?

How do we receive the government mortgage bailout money available up to $50,000 or 6 months mortgage payments?

Can you receive a cheaper rate you are 67 and widowed and have a hanicapped grandson that is 17 that lives with you?

Someone who is 67 years old and widowed with a disabled child that lives with you, may qualify for decreased payments. You may get lower car or home insurance, as well as benefits from the government.

Why do children with certain disabilties receive disability payments when they would not be working at a job at such a young age even if they had no disability?

The benefit payments are to help pay for the extra care needed by these children. The parents of a disabled child may not be able to work a regular full time job due to caring for the disabled child.

When do the disabled and the retired get their stimulus payments under Obama's stimulus plan?

According to the AARP website, the stimulus payments of $250 per person or $500 per couple to retirees and other Social Security beneficiaries will be sent out in May. If you normally receive your Social Security payments by mail, you will receive a paper check in the mail and if you normally have your funds direct deposited, your payment will be transmitted electronically to you bank account. Other government retirees, such as Federal and State, will qualify but might have to wait and file their 2009 tax returns to get their payment.

Can you be allowed to keep your home if you are disabled and can no longer pay if your file bankrupt?

Since you mention making payments, i will assume you do not own your home outright. If you cannot afford the mortgage payments, the lender will foreclose. Regardless if you are disabled or not. However, you would still able to receive any money (up to your state exemptiom amount) from the sale of your house after the lender is paid off. If you have no equity, then you will surely lose the house if you make no payments.

What is the name of the check that a child can get from the government?

The government does not typically issue checks to children, but instead to their parents/guardians. Indigent children who are "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by SSA can get SSI. Children can get regular SSA payments based on their parents' SSA status, regardless of other income/resources. Indigent children can also receive TANF (this program is administered by the States).

Do you have to be employed to receive disability?

No. It's possible to buy Disablity Coverage while employed, then get disabled while unemployed. There are many types of Disability Coverage.... State Disability, Social Security Disability, Private Individual, etc.

What do students Typically receive funds from a Direct Stafford Loan in payments.?

Typically, students receive funds from a Direct Stafford Loan in _____ payments.

Can someone who has been disabled since birth receive medicare?

They should get paid diabilities from our government. Medicare requires that the disabled individual or her/his parent have 40 quarters of earnings credit. In this case, the individual might also be eligible for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

Can a child receive child support from disabled parents?


Can a child disabled with ADD receive child support?