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Non cash items like depreciation and amortization should not be included in cash flow statement.

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Q: What should NOT be included in the cash flow statement?
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Will a bank statement include your statement cash flow that is available?

A cash flow statement is the flow of money in and out of a business. If the bank statement is for your business, then yes, it'd be included on the statement sheet.

Period expenses which do not affect the cash flow of the company should be excluded from the cash flow statement and how true is this statement?

Yes it is correct as cash flow statement only deals in cash so non cash items should be eliminated from cash flow statement.

Are cheques included in cash flow statement?

Yes, cheques are included in cash flow statements. Currency and coins are counted as well when balancing accounts receivable.

Should cash flow statements be published?

Yes cash flow statement is also published along with income statement and balance sheet.

What is another name for cash flow of statement?

Another name of cash flow statement is fund flow statement.

What is cash-flow statement?

Cash flow statement is the statement which show the cash flow from operating, financing and investing activities.

Where do start up costs belong on cash flow statement?

I believe they would be included in the Investing section of the CF statement. Loan origination or other bank expense fees might be included in the Financing section, but ideally start up costs are a cash-flow directly into your business operations, and therefore an investment cash-flow.

How does Asset revaluation reserve affect cashflow statement. Is it even included in cashflow statement. Or does the increase in freehold property offset the increase in revaluation reserve?

it is included in cash flow statement

Why will cash flow ending balance not equal cash and bank balance in the balance sheet?

Cash balance from cash flow statement should always tally with balance sheet cash balance otherwise it means that cash flow statement is not prepared accurately and proper investigation should be launched to check the discrepancies .

Structure of cash flow statement?

structure of cash flow statement as follows:1

Do the cash and bank balance in balance sheet should equal to the cash flow ending balance?

Cash Flow Statement's ending balance should match with the ending balance of cash in the balance sheet that is why cash flow statement is prepared to see the complete information about cash flow during the period if it doesn't match it means something wrong.

Is revaluation surplus included in the cash flow statement?

Revaluation surplus is deducted from net income in case of net cash flow from operations using indirect method as this is not a cash related transaction.