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he didnt like them, while Hamilton did

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it was bad

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Q: What was Benjamin Franklins relationship with George Washington?
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Who where Benjamin Franklins important family members?

Ben Franklins important family members were Dev Franklin (his wife) and George Franklin (his son).

What does the sun represent in the Franklins quotation?

In Benjamin Franklin's quotation, the rising sun on George Washington's chair represents America.

What did Benjamin Franklin fears?

He was afraid of George Washington

Who is on one dollar?

Benjamin Franklin

Who traveled a greater distance to reach the Constitutional Convention- Benjamin Franklin or George Washington?

George Washington

What did George Washington inherit from Benjamin Franklin?

George Washington did not directly inherit anything from Benjamin Franklin. However, they did have a close relationship and Franklin's wisdom and advice greatly influenced Washington as a leader. Additionally, Franklin's values and ideas, such as his emphasis on education and self-improvement, had a lasting impact on the development of the United States.

What is Benjamin franklins disappointments?

he only slept with half the stylish women of Paris the other half were caught up in the amorous advances of George III

Who Was bartholomew in a relationship with?

George Washington

This person was appointed by President George Washington?

benjamin banneker

Did Benjamin Franklin lead the Revolutionary War?

no George Washington did

What were the leaders in the colonies?

Benjamin Franklin, Of course George Washington

Who did George Washington appoint to survey the land that would become Washington DC?

Benjamin Banneker