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Q: What was Jimmy Carters favorite snack?
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What is Jimmy Carters favorite color?

James Carter's favorite color is green.

What was Jimmy Carters Popular Vote?

Jimmy Carters popular vote was 35,480,115 and that percent was 41.01%.

What was jimmy carters accomplishments?

he accomplish the

What were Jimmy Carters grades like?


Who was Jimmy Carters wifs name?


What was Jimmy Carters birthplace?

Plains, Georgia

What was Jimmy Carters job as a teen?

Burger king

Where was Jimmy Carters birth place?

Plains, Georgia

What was the significance of Jimmy Carters election in 1976?

there was no significance.

When was Jimmy Carters presidential inauguration?

Jimmy Carter was inaugurated on January 20, 1977.

What was jimmy carters eye color?

Jimmy Carter's eye color is blue.

What was Jimmy Carters nickname?

Ten-cent Jimmy - is Buchanan's nickname! Carter's nicknames are Peanut Farmer and Jimmy Peanut