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John Thomas Curtis died on 1961-06-07.

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Q: When did John Thomas Curtis die?
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When was John Thomas Curtis born?

John Thomas Curtis was born on 1913-09-20.

When did Thomas Curtis die?

Thomas Curtis died in 1944.

When did Thomas B. Curtis die?

Thomas B. Curtis died in 1993.

When did John Curtis - bishop - die?

John Curtis - bishop - died in 1962.

When did John Curtis Chamberlain die?

John Curtis Chamberlain died in 1834.

When did John Curtis Gowan die?

John Curtis Gowan died on December 2, 1986 at the age of 74.

When did John B. Curtis die?

John Curtis was born on September 3, 1978.

When did John Thomas Cooper die?

John Thomas Cooper died in 1854.

When did John Addison Thomas die?

John Addison Thomas died in 1858.

When did Thomas John Hearne die?

Thomas John Hearne died in 1947.

When did John Thomas Jutson die?

John Thomas Jutson died in 1959.

When did John Thomas Perceval die?

John Thomas Perceval died in 1876.