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Copper Sulfate won't give green smoke, you can better use "Methylene blue" for blue smoke.

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Q: When making smoke bombs with sugar ammonia nitrate and water can you add copper sulphate to change the colour of the smoke to green?
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What colour is cobalt nitrate?

Cobalt nitrate typically appears as a reddish-violet to pink solid when hydrated and as a cobalt blue solid when anhydrous.

When sulphuric acid is added to sodium bicarbonate why does the colour change?

this makes sodium sulphate and CO2

What happens when ammonia solution is added to copper sulphate?

A precipitate is formed which has a light blue colour. After shaking, the precipitate re-dissolves forming a dark blue solution.

What is the colour of aluminium sulphate solutions?

aluminum sulphate is colourless

What color does ammonia change when mixed with cabbage juice?

Basic colour of C.J. is purple blue

What is the colour of blue litmus paper in ammonia?

The color of blue litmus in ammonia will remain to be blue . However the color of red litmus will change into blue. This is because of the basic nature of ammonia.

What is Colour of cobalt sulphate?


What is the colour of the solution if zinc is added to copper sulphate solution?

No colour

What is the colour with universal indicators ammonia?

Universal indicators typically turn blue or green in the presence of ammonia. This color change indicates a basic or alkaline solution.

What color is copper sulphate solution and water mixture?

Copper sulphate's colour is blue.

What is the colour of pH paper when dipped in ammonia?

When dipped in ammonia, pH paper will turn blue or blue-green. This color change indicates that the solution is basic or alkaline due to the presence of ammonia.

What is the colour of the crystales of copper sulphate?