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The mini medals are placed the same as regular sized medals. 1/4" above left breast pocket.

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They are worn in the same place as the regular size medals on the left breast.

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Q: Where are mini medals placed on Navy dress blues?
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Where does the star go on navy medals?

A star represents a second award of a medal. It is placed in the center of the drape of the medal. It is placed in the center of a ribbon.

What uniform do you wear when you check in to a new command in the navy?

One would typically report in the uniform of the day. Dress Blues or Dress Whites is always appropriate.

What side do your ribbons go on in the US Navy Dress White uniform?

you where the ribbons on the left side pocket 1/4 above the pocket

Im separating from the navy soon you were wondering on what occasions can you wear your dress blues?

If you are retiring, or are being discharged for medical reasons, you can wear the dress blues on any formal occasion that would not disrespect the uniform. If you have completed your service, you are no longer entitled to wear the uniform.

When was Navy Blues - album - created?

Navy Blues - album - was created on 1998-05-26.

Where do warfare devices go on navy dress uniforms with medals?

On the left side of the uniform no matter what uniform it is precisely 1/4" above the pocket CENTERED

What navy uniform do you wear to a funeral in Hawaii?

Typically Dress Blues are used for funerals, but you are in a tropical climate. You can check with the Naval Base, they would be able to tell you.

Does navy deployment service transfer over to army service and if so where on the ERB is it reflected and is it relected on the dress blues?

Yes. In order to do this you must have some verification on military documents (I used prior Navy Evals to show dates and awards to verify Combat and Short tour info) and then take them to your admin people. Your Navy deployments will be placed under the OS/Deployment Combat Duty Section I on your ERB...and yes you can place your deployment stripes on your Army ASU's along with your Navy ribbons and medals. I can tell you that during Army boards I get more questions regarding my Navy "E", NAM, and Sea Duty awards than anything else. Good luck with getting your info together and remember, GO NAVY BEAT ARMY!

What are the release dates for Navy Blues - 1937?

Navy Blues - 1937 was released on: USA: 29 March 1937

What are the three different uniforms of Army people Navy and airforce people?

The three different uniforms for Army personnel are the Army Combat Uniform (ACU), the Army Service Uniform (ASU), and the Army Dress Blues. Navy personnel have the Navy Working Uniform (NWU), the Navy Service Uniform (NSU), and the Navy Dress Blues. Air Force personnel have the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU), the Service Dress Uniform (SDU), and the Mess Dress Uniform. Each uniform is designed for specific occasions and duties within each branch of the military.

What actors and actresses appeared in Navy Blues - 1960?

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What are the ratings and certificates for Navy Blues - 1941?

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