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The electors meet in the capitals of their respective states to cast their ballots. Their sealed ballots are then sent to the President of the US Senate.

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Q: Where do members of electoral college meet to vote for president?
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What group meets to elect the President?

This group is the electoral college.

Is it true that the electoral college meets in February after a presidential election to elect the president?

You're close, but it's not in February. The new President is inaugurated in January, after the election in November, so the electoral college has to meet earlier than February. But they do elect a President. The general election elects members of the electoral college.

What name is given to the 538 people who cast the official ballot for president and vice president?

These are the members of the Electoral College. The meet in their state capitols to caast their votes.

Where Does the electoral college meet?

The Electoral College meets in the respective state capitals to cast their votes for President and Vice President. This typically takes place in December following the general election in November. However, it is important to note that there is no physical location where all the Electoral College members gather in one place. Each state has its own meeting location for their electors.

When do the members of the electoral college officially cast their votes?

The electors meet in their state capitals and cast their ballots. The ballots are sent ( presumably by registered mail) to the President of the Senate ( i.e. the vice-president of the US.)

What is he electoral college?

The Electoral college is a group of people which formally elects the president of the United States after the public election. The electoral college has 538 members , called electors, and each electors casts one electoral vote. They do not meet as a body but the electors from each state meet in the state capital to cast their votes some time in med-December after the election.

What is the purpose of the electoral college?

The purpose of the electoral college is to elect the president and vice-president of the United States. It is made up of the electors from each state. They do not actually meet as a body, but send their votes to the President of the Senate.

In what month do you the voters vote for the President When does the Electoral College meet When is the president inaugurated?

The public votes on the day after the first Monday of November. The electoral college votes on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December. The electoral votes are counted on January 6. Inauguration Day is January 20.

What is the body of electors that represent the peoples vote in choosing the president?

The people (read: noncriminal citizens above the age of 18) of that country. The people of the United States elect the President by Popular Vote, but the Electoral College is the body that officially elects the President into office. (There have been 4 Presidents elected into office by the Electoral College that lost the popular vote, which means that the majority of people didn't vote for that president.

What is the significance of a electoral college?

It is a group of electors fom every state who meet every 4 years to vote for the President and Vice President of the U.S.A

Is the electoral college located in DC?

The Electoral College is not a college in the traditional sense. Once every four years when the electors meet in the state capitals to cast their votes for president, reporters call that "The Electoral College." Saying "The Electoral College met," is simply a shorthand way of saying, "The Electors met in their respective State Capitals to cast their votes." The second statement is what really happened. The Electoral College does not really exist.

What month is the electoral college meet?