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If the president dies then the vice president takes over.


-Vice president

-Speaker of the HOR(House of Representitives)

-Secratary of State

-Secratary of Treasury

-Secratary of Defense

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Q: Who gets to be president is the president dies list four people?
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What is the the duty of the vice president?

to be a back up if the president gets sick or dies.

What is the only duty of the vice president?

to be a back up if the president gets sick or dies.

How often are prsidents eleted?

Presidents in the United States are elected every four years.

What happens if a president dies or leave office?

The vice president gets sworn in. Just look up what happened to president Kennedy.

Who will take the vice presidents place if he gets sick and Barack Obama dies?

If the vice-president is too sick to serve, there is a procedure to replace him. Otherwise, he would become President if Obama dies.

Why is it important to know the order of succession of a president dies in office?

When a president dies, it is important for someone to take his place. That should be the vice president. However, if an attack happened and the vice president dies with the president, there is a protocol for who gets the job next. That person has to have the nuclear launch codes and needs to take charge of the military. A president has a big job and someone needs to be our leader.

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People vote for the president. If he/she (when there is a she) gets the most votes, they are elected president. Then they have to swore in and all that stuff.

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