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These three branches are examples of Baron de Montesquieu's theory of government.

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baron de montesquieu

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Baron de Montesquieu

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Q: Whose political theory of government is represented by the US Presidency Congress and the Supreme Court?
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Why US Presidency Congress and the Supreme Court are examples of whose political theory of government?

Baron de Montesquieu

What political body represented America?

a. Continental Congress

What branch of government is represented by Congress?


A situation in which one major political party controls the presidency and the other controls the chambers of Congress or in which one party controls a state governorship and the other controls the s?

Divided government

In which type of government does one party control Congress and another party control the presidency?

A "gridlocked" government.

Why were women not represented at the congress?

The government was instituted among men only.

What is part of the legislative branch of the federal government A the military B the supreme court C the presidency D congress?


What do the Congress the presidency and the courts compose?

The three branches of the US Government. Congress = Legislative, The President = the Executive , The Courts = Judicial.

Which part of the government is designed to keep a check on the powers of both congress and the presidency?

It is the Senate

What is a land hat belongs to the state government but is not represented in congress?

Cole is the gaylord

What is a political party and how is it represented in congress?

A political party is an organization that is devoted to some political objective or objectives which reflect some political philosophy. That philosophy often can be described either as conservative or liberal, although those are not the only possibilities. A party can participate in elections, and if it gets enough support from voters, can be represented in Congress by its candidates who win elections, and become either Representatives or Senators, depending upon which house of Congress they are in.

Were the southern states represented in the Congress after secession?

No. There was a Conederate government - and a very unruly one.