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The people do not elect the President.

When you vote for president, you are really voting for members of the electoral college. The electoral college will then choose the president.

There are only 538 votes that count in a presidential election.

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Q: Why are the people the one who elects the president officially?
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Who elects the president and vice president if no one wins a marjority vote of electoral college votes?

The House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President.

What was created to officially elect the president?

You may be referring to the oath of office. But the electoral college is what officially elects the president. A presidential candidate may win the popular vote, but without enough electoral votes, he (or one day, she) will not be officially elected.

Who elects the Vice President if no one receives a majority?

The Vice President would then be elected by the Senate.

Who elects the vice president if the electoral college fails to choose one?

Is that even possible?

What is he electoral college?

The Electoral college is a group of people which formally elects the president of the United States after the public election. The electoral college has 538 members , called electors, and each electors casts one electoral vote. They do not meet as a body but the electors from each state meet in the state capital to cast their votes some time in med-December after the election.

What body ACTUALLY elects the president?

The electoral college elects the US president. When the people vote for president, they are actually voting for the electors who made up the electoral college and who actually elect the president. The electors pledge to support one particular candidate. The electors never meet as a group but each elector votes in his state capital and the votes are sent to the Senate president. They are counted in a joint session of Congress.

Who are presidency electors?

The electors are the people who officially elect the president. When people vote for president, they are actually voting for an elector who is sworn to support one particular candidate.

Who elects the cabinet?

The U.S. President's Cabinet has no elected positions, so no one elects them. The President appoints them based on his own reasons regarding their areas of expertise or career/personal history. The Cabinet is truly the President's "team." Their chief duty is to advise the President, however they have many other duties as well.

What happens if there is a tie in the presidential election or no majority?

The people who didn't vote for the final people in the race will then have a chance to become president.They are also called faithless voters.

What is the name of the plane that the president of US used officially?

Air Force One

What is the name of plane that the president of US uses officially?

Air Force One

What branch does the secratary of defense go under?

The secretary of defense goes under the executive branch. The president is the one that elects officers of the executive branch.