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Q: A key enlightenment thinker whose idea of social contract between people and their government appealed to colonial leaders was?
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What rights did colonial law deny women?

A Married Woman Could Not Make A Contract, Be Party To A Lawsuit, Or Make A Will.

Which theory of power best describes the US and why?

The United States is part of the Social Contract Theory which provides the foundation for a government that rests on the consent of the governed, a principle critical to the Declaration of Independent and the Constitution ... This theory was pioneered by John Lock who thought the people will give up some rights to the government in order to preserve social order ...

How did social contract theory lead to the American revolution war?

The theory of social contract as viewed by John Locke was invoked into the Declaration of Independence. He believed in inalienable natural rights and that the rule of God supersedes government authority.

What were Eli Whitney most difficult time?

Whitney took a contract with the United States government to provide them with weapons that had interchangeable parts. He had a two year timeline for the completion of the contract, but it took him 10 years to finally finish the order. He also had to go to court to be recognized as the inventor of the cotton gin and he never received money for his invention.

Was Bacon's rebellion justified?

Bacon's rebellion was justified. He thought that the government was not protecting him and everyone else from the Powhatan's and also indentured servants were not getting the land they were promised in their contract as a servant for someone for a certain amount of years.

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How did the enlightenment ideas influence the colonial leaders?

Enlightenment ideas influenced colonial leaders by promoting beliefs in individual rights, reason, and self-governance. Leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were inspired by concepts like natural rights and social contract theory, which influenced their advocacy for independence and democratic ideals. The Enlightenment also challenged traditional authority and promoted the idea of a government that derived its power from the consent of the governed, shaping the vision for a new form of government in the American colonies.

What were some element of the Enlightenment?

The social Contract he argueed that a government should be formed by the consent of the people

How did enlightenment philosophers influence the colonies john Locke?

Enlightenment philosophers, like John Locke, influenced the colonies by promoting ideas of natural rights, government based on consent of the governed, and the social contract theory. Locke's work, such as his Second Treatise of Government, provided intellectual justification for the colonists' desire for independence and influenced the drafting of important colonial documents such as the Declaration of Independence.

Describe what the Enlightenment thinkers viewed as the social contract theory of government?

In a monarchy, trade is based on luxury and does not serve the needs of the country.

Did the social contract influence the enlightenment ideas?

Yes, the social contract theory, popularized by philosophers like John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, heavily influenced Enlightenment ideas. This theory proposed that individuals consent to give up some of their freedoms to a government in exchange for protection and stability. It helped shape Enlightenment thinkers' beliefs about the role of government, individual rights, and the importance of consent in governance.

Which Enlightenment thinker is credited with the idea of a social contract between people and their government?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is credited with the idea of a social contract between people and their government. He believed that individuals should come together in a social contract to form a society governed by the general will of the people.

The excerpt most reflects which Enlightenment idea?

natural rights social contract

Which belief by Enlightenment philosophers advocating a social contract can be found in the US Constitution?

The belief in the consent of the governed, which is a key aspect of the social contract theory, can be found in the US Constitution. This is reflected in principles such as popular sovereignty, which asserts that the power of the government is derived from the people.

What Enlightenment philosopher was Jefferson inspired by?

Thomas Jefferson was inspired by the Enlightenment philosopher John Locke, particularly in regards to natural rights, social contract theory, and limited government. Jefferson's ideas on individual rights and government structure were heavily influenced by Locke's philosophy.

Philosophers of the enlightenment believe that government decisions should be based on what?

Philosophers of the Enlightenment believed that government decisions should be based on reason, individual rights, and the pursuit of the common good. They emphasized the importance of a social contract between the ruler and the governed, with power derived from the consent of the people.

What was Enlightenment Thinker John Locke's belief about Social Contract?

John Locke believed in the social contract theory, which argued that individuals agree to form a government to protect their natural rights to life, liberty, and property. He believed that if a government failed to uphold its end of the contract by violating these rights, then citizens had the right to overthrow it.

Which enlightenment thinker is credited with the idea of social contract between people and their government?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is often credited with the idea of the social contract. He argued that there is an agreement between individuals and their government, where individuals surrender certain freedoms in exchange for protection of their natural rights.