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The Native Americans didn't really have a choice. They were forced (most of them). Many were killed when they refused to give up their traditional beliefs.

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Q: How did settlers attract native Americans to the missions?
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Why was the fighting on the frontier in the revolution especially destructive?

Native Americans attacked Colonial settlements, and settlers killed neutral Native Americans.

English settlers often angered Native Americans by?

the english settlers often angered the native americans by

What is one way that spanish missions helped the native Americans?

one way is that when the native Americans were inside of the missions, it would protect them from attacks by the rival native Americans.

What lead to clashes between native Americans and settlers?

settlers attempted to take over the native Americans territory

What is the Carolinas-relations with native Americans?

The relationship was at first peaceful, as the Native Americans provided the use of land to the settlers. The settlers thought that they owned the land and this began confrontations between the Native Americans and the settlers.

Why did the native Americans choose to live in the missions?

because the native Americans wanted to

What was the main purpose of the Spanish missions in Georgia?

To convert the native Americans to Christianity

Who started the missions?

The Native Americans.

What caused conflict between Native Americans and settlers?

the native Americans were mad at the settlers for taking there land and the settles were scard of the native Americans

What was the name of the American settlers who celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the native Americans?

english settlers who celebrated the first Thanksgiving with native americans

Did settlers and Native Americans often fight?

ANSWERTrick question actually, usually the Native Americans didn't attack but the settlers used force to drive them out.ANSWERThere have been many times that the settlers fought with Native Americans. Most often, it was because the settlers used force to drive the Native Americans out of their land, or the Native Americans fought to get land back that the settlers had wrongfully taken. Sometimes, the native people attacked the colonists or pioneers because the settlers would violate treaties they had made with the natives.

What are missions in Social Studies?

Missions are areas where priests converted Native Americans to Christianity. The Native Americans would also be taught how to read and write in their own language in missions.