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All genuine "Fugio Coppers" are date 1787 not 1776, so the date on your coin is wrong or it's not a Fugio cent.

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Q: How do you notice the fake fugio coin of 1776?
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If there is a mold seam on the side of 1776 Continental Currency coin is it fake?

The originals and official restrikes were all struck, not cast or molded. But be nice. Call it a reproduction, not a fake.

How can you determine if a pewter 1776 continental currency coin is not a fake?

The coin has to say Continental Currency on the front with the 1776 date, sometimes they miss spell it and it says continental Curency. It should also have a sun and a sundial with the word Fugio to the left of it. On the back there are 13 circles representing the 13 colonies. Each circle should look like they intertwine with each other, and the circle in the center should say we are one. the ring around the center should say american Congress. Little bumps should Surround the edges on both sides. Hope its real! :)

What was the fugio cent made of?

Authentic coins were made of copper. Many replicas and fake coins made from "base metal" exist.

How much is a 1924 1 coin with the word trust spelled wrong?

I personally don't think that it is worth anything because then, it would be fake money. Fake money is not worth anything. But if they don't notice the mistake, then it would have the same value as any ordinary 1924 1 coin.

What do you call a counterfeit coin?

A counterfeit coin is often referred to as a fake or a forgery.

Whats the Difference between fake and the original AUS coin?

What do you refer to as the "the original AUS coin" and why do you think you have a fake?

What to look for in a fake 1783 nova constellatio coin?

Look for a seam along the rim edge of the coin which would mean is a casting and fake. Check the weight. An authentic coin should weigh 268.5 to 269.5 grams. Much lighter or heavier means fake.

How do you tell if an 1800 liberty coin is fake or real?

If you doubt the authenticity of any coin, take it to a coin dealer.

What is the answer to the Hinky Pinkies a fake coin?

funny money

Can you use a 20 Liberty Tribute Proof coin at stores as money?

NO it's a fake coin.

One ounce 999 fine silver walking liberty coin with no date and on the reverse side above the 1 troy oz marking there is the word copy Is this a fake coin?

Yes, if it has the word "COPY" on it, it is a fake coin.

What coin is fake but not called a magician's coin?

Your question isn't clear. Are you referring to counter-fiet coins? These are coins made illegally for profit. They are considered fake as they are not minted officially.