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Spain is 6,751 kilometers from America.

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Q: How far is America from Spain in kilometers?
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How far is Peru from Spain?

It is approximately 5,668 miles or 9487 kilometers from Spain to Peru. Peru is bigger in size than Spain.

How far in kilometers is Segovia from Spain's capital Madrid?

There are 92.3 Kilometers from Segovia to Madrid.

How far is it from the Czech Republic to America?

It is about 7000 kilometers.

How far is it from America to Bosnia?

About 5600 miles (8960 kilometers).

How far is it from New York to la coruna Spain?

About 3292 air miles (5298 kilometers).

Are Mexico and Spain far from each other?

Yes. Spain is located in Europe and Mexico is in Southern North America.

How many square kilometers is Spain?

The area of Spain is 505,370 square kilometers.

How far off the the coast of north America was the titanic when is sank?

400 kilometers

How far to drive London to Malaga?

The distance from London to Malaga in Spain by road is 2248 kilometers (1400 miles).

How far from England to America?

3459.34 miles (or 5567.11 kilometers) approx.

How long would it take to travel by plane from Spain to America?

The air distance from Alicante, Spain, to Boca Raton, Florida, in the United States of America, is 4,588 miles. That equals 7,384 kilometers or 3,987 nautical miles.

Is france or spain far?

Depends on where you're starting from. From America, sure. from central europe, not at all.