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we fought in the war that ended the Holocaust

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Q: How is the Holocaust part of The US history?
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How is the holocaust part of American history?

It is not, the US was one of the many nations who were 'bystanders' to the Holocaust.

Why is the Holocaust important to US history?

well the holocaust is important to the worlds history.

Is the Holocaust a part of the history of the US?

Not directly. However, it is taught in most history classes as part of America's role in World War II. The United States did liberate many concentration camps though. We fought in the war that ended the Holocaust.

How did the Holocaust influence history?

In History, people remembers and influences the Holocaust to be a cruel, evil, torturous time for people, especially the Jews. The holocaust is a key part in modern history because of what happend, who did it and how they executed it.

What does the holocaust museum have to do with American culture or history?

Nothing. There are many Holocaust museums established in the United States, generally by or for those who survived or escaped the Holocaust and move to the US. The US authorities have tried to create links between the Holocaust and other events, to make it relateable to Us culture, but it was an event which happened to other people in another part of the world with which the US was not involved.

How is the holocaust an important part of American history?

it is part of European history, America is made up of europeans, so what effects America effects Europe.

What is the overall mission of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum?

So that history will never repeat this atrocity.

Was Spain part of the US?

No, not in history.

The quote is referring to what period in history?

The Holocaust

Why is the Holocaust in capitals?

Holocaust is capatalized because it is a major event in history. It is a title, The Holocaust.

What was the Holocaust Enslavement?

no, but enslavement was part of the Holocaust.

What was the impact of the Holocaust on georgians?

The Jewish community has been a part of Georgia history since its founding in 1733 so the impact of the Holocaust on Georgians during WWII was minimal.

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