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Q: How was life different in the 1930s for African Americans in the south compared to those out west in California?
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How is a african-American and native-American alike?

no, african americans and native americans are both different.

What are two negiyives affected the african americans in the english colonies?

Many African Americans in the English colonies were indentured servants or slaves. Even free African Americans had to deal with discrimination and laws that reduced their rights compared to Caucasians.

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There Colors(:

In 1932 how did the unemployment rate among African-Americans compared to the overall national rate?

almost double

In 1932 how did the unemployment rate among African Americans compared to the overall national rate?

almost double

The lower voter registration of African Americans compared to Caucasians is largely explained by differences in?

voter qualifications

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slaves were African Americans because white people thought other colored people were different from them and segregation is another reason

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i think the answer was that African Americans could choose what sides to be on. and that's all i think the answer is (:

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Quincy Troupe is an African American poet and professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego.

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Asians Americans are HOTT!

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