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Yes, it is generally agreed that the new deal expanded the role of the federal goverment

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Q: Is it generally agreed that the new deal expanded the role of the federal government?
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What were the similar views between Lincoln and Douglas?

Lincoln and Douglas agreed on a few points, one of which was on the question of Utah, that if Utah was in open rebellion (it was. about mormonism) then they should have to submit to the will of the federal government and its policies on polygamy. they also agreed that blacks and whites were not equal in ALL respects. they emphatically agreed that the races should not mix, but Lincoln argued that the races would not mix ONLY if they were equal.

What was the fundamental principles of government agreed upon by the American colonists in 1620?

The fundemental principles of government were and are, Consent of the Governed, Limited Government, Representative Government, Rule of Law and Democracy

What are two things Britain agreed to in the Treaty of Paris?

Two of the primary things that Britain agreed to in the Treaty of Paris were that the colonies of the United States would be free and sovereign from that point on and that the British crown relinquished all claims to its government.

What was one reason why the US fought the civil war?

After the War of Independence the 13 states agreed to a fairly weak federal system where a central government was superior to the state government. Gradually the central government got stronger, writing a constitution in secret, and attempted to impose its will (dominated by the industrial north) on the states. The southern states, culturally very different from the northern states, objected to the increase in central control and eventually, against the will of the north, seceded.

This man became president in 1876 when he agreed to end Reconstruction?

President Rutherford Hayes agreed to end Reconstruction in the Compromise of 1877. He agreed to remove federal troops from South Carolina and Louisiana. The Reconstruction Era was the period between 1865 and 1877 after the Civil War. The goal was the reconstruction of the South after this war.

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Why was the federal government given power over such areas as computers and air travel?

it was agreed on that any new inventions and so on would be the responsibility of the federal government

President Nixon stopped the federal termination policy and agreed that Native American _____ should be the basis of government policy?

self determination

What power did the Chancellor of Germany have?

The head of the government is the Chancellor of Germany, and he or she is called the Federal Chancellor. The Federal Chancellor heads the Federal government and is thus in charge of the executive branch. The Chancellor can't be removed from office during his or her four-year term unless the Bundestag has agreed upon a successor.

Why was there resistance to federal government intervention in the early years of the Great Depression?

Hoover's predecessors had taken a hands-off approach to business, which he agreed with.

Compact theory of government?

The compact theory of government means that the nation was formed through a compact agreed upon by all the states, and that the federal government is thus a creation of the states. This is in regards to the United States Constitution.

Why did John Adams believe this person was the right choice?

John Adams was highly respected as one of the founding fathers who declared independence and drafted the US Constitution. He was the incumbent vice-president and was generally considered to be a logical successor to Washington. Like Washington, he believed in a strong federal government. A party, called the Federalists, grew up that agreed with his views in opposition to the weaker notion of federal government espoused by Jefferson.

An alliance of independent states that expressly delegates limited powers to a central government?

A loose affiliation of sovereign states that have agreed to cede some power to a central authority is known as a Federation or Confederation. When the legislature of this Federation is filled by democratically-elected representatives it is known as a representative Federal Republican government.

What is the term used to describe a socially accepted and agreed upon form of government?

A convention is a set of agreed, stipulated, or generally accepted standards, norms, social norms, or criteria, often taking the form of a custom.

The Articles of Confederation structured the federal government as a single entity Congress but delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed that it was necessary to also have?

a president and a supreme court - apex

What was one of the conditions of the entry of British Columbia into Canada?

The federal government agreed to assume BC's debt and to extend the Canadian Pacific Railway to the new province.

What were the circumstances so British Columbia could join Canada?

It was agreed that the federal government would assume the provincial debt and that the Canadian Pacific Railway would be extended into BC.

How many things has the congress agreed on?

Problem is Congress has turned the debate over raising it into a national drama. It's a cap set by Congress on how much the federal government may have. The government shut down because Congress couldn't agree.