Rebels of harrying of the north?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Rebels of harrying of the north?
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What caused the 'Harrying of the North?

The Harrying of the North (Harrowing of the North) is basically the destruction of the North. This happened because around 1069 William the Conqueror introduced taxes to the Kingdom of England. The people of the North (of Saxon and Viking ancestry) could not afford to be paying the taxes and didn't want to be paying them therefore they began to rebel against William. As a leader, King William II could not afford any rebellions, especially with them being the closest descendants to the previous Vikings and Saxons that owned the Kingdom before he did. William knew that in order to keep control of England he had to have no rebels and had to set an example to those who dare disobey him, resulting in the Harrying. William sent soldiers North to destroy all in the area, people guilty and innocent of rebelling were murdered by the sword of Williams soldiers, land was burnt so no crops could grow for some time after and livestock was killed so those that survived died of famine. This was the beginning of Alan (The Red) Rufus' watch over Yorkshire as his loyalty to William throughout his reign and the Harrying meant that he received the Honour of Richmond. Hope this helped. ;)

What is the Yankee Army?

It was the North in the Civil War. The North's nicknames were the Yanks(Yankees) and the South's were the Rebels.

Was confederate Yankees or Rebels?


Why were the Rebels called Rebels?

They were called "Rebels" because the Confederacy chose to rebel against the Union, and broke away from it.

What was the nickname for the Confederates?

one nickname was the rebels..

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Where was the harrying of the north?

The harrying of the north took place in the north of England in the winter of 1069 and 1070.

Who was harrying of the north?

The Harrying of the North was not a person. It was one of the ways that William I controlled England. William's army went up the the top half of England. It was very unpopular. For more information see: What was the Harrying of the North?

Why was the harrying of the north a good solution?

The harrying of the north was seen as a solution by William the Conqueror to crush resistance and establish control over the region after the Norman Conquest of England. By devastating the countryside and destroying resources, William sought to break the spirit of the rebels and deter future uprisings. It was effective in suppressing dissent and solidifying Norman rule in Northern England.

What were the campeigns in the harrying of the north?

Hereward the wake and the fens were rebelling on William

What did king William do in the harrying of the north?


What was the effect on England by the harrying of the north?


What happened at the harrying of the north please explain in detail its for an essay?

in the harrying of the north williams ary had gone to the noth and burnt houses throw salt on the floor

What did the Normans call York?

Harrying of the north I believe

What does harrying of the north mean?

I don't know wat it means

How many people died in the harrying of the north?

Lot's and lot's

When did the harrying of the north end?

the harrying of the north ended in 1071. This was when the people in the north of England stopped rebelling because William had killed 100,000, 10,000 of which starved to death because of the fact that William, Duke of Normandy burned down all their crops.

What year did the famine begin?