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The Pussilists and Analists


Against Japan.

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Q: The Nationalists and Communists fought together against what nation during World War 2?
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Which opposing factions competed for control of China during the Chinese Civil War?

That would be communists vs nationalists

Did the communists defeat the nationalists in the Chinese civil war?

During WW II the Communists and the Nationalists focused on defeating the Japanese invaders, but as soon as WW II was over, they engaged each other in the struggle to determine who would rule China.

Why did the United States support Jiang Jieshi in China's civil war?

Much of the Chinese Civil War happened during the Japanese Occcupation during WWII and the US supported both the Nationalists and the Communists in their fight against the Japanese.

What parties could have ruled Germany if they had worked together in 1932?

The parties that could have ruled during 1932 are the Communists and Socialists

Which two groups fought a civil war in China both before and after World War 2?

The two main groups were the Chinese communists, led by Mao Tse Dung, and the Nationalists, led by Chiang Kai Shek. The nationalists were the group recognized by the west as the "legitimate" government of China, and the group which had been allied against Japan and Germany during WWII. They were the successors to the Kuomintang nationalist movement from earlier in the century. But the nationalists never really controlled all of China and in truth Chiang was ony the largest and most successful of a number of different "warlords". There is a "dynastic cycle" in the long history of China, and whenever the central government grows weak its authority ceases to reach all far flung corners of the land, and warlords spring up to challenge for control of those areas. Eventually one of these warlords becomes powerful enough to displace the old dynasty, and establish a new dynasty. This is essentially what happened in 1949 when the communists won the civil war, and became the strongest government since the decline of the last Imperial dynasty forty years earlier.

What party did Hitler and Mussolini support during the Spanish Civil War?

The Nationalists This group, which had facist tendencies, rebelled against Spain's democratic Republican Government.

How did containment during the cold war affect American citizen right?

Many citizens had their rights compromised during the cold war. During McCarthyism for instance, people accused of being Communists by the HUAC (house of "un-American" activities) didn't have a real chance to protest the often absurd allegations and circumstantial evidence against them. Many left-wing activists or government critics were labeled as communists or communists sympathizers and were then censored or even jailed. People who spoke out against this (such as the Hollywood ten) would be blacklisted.

What was the communist learder during the civil war against nationalists?

The Communist leader in the Russian Civil War was Lenin. In the Chinese Civil War it was Mao. In Vietnam, it was Ho Chi Minh.

What three things did the United States do to slow down the expansion of Communism?

A military move against the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis of '62. Fight the Communists in Korea in 1950-1953. Fight the Communists in Vietnam in 1955 thru 1975.

Who did Vietnam fight against in the Vietnam war?

Did Mao Zedong defeat the nationalists in China during their civil war?


Who was the senator from Wisconsin during the cold war?

Joseph McCarthy was a US Senator from Wisconsin during the Cold War. Senator McCarthy led a witch hunt against supposed communists in the US government.