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On July 4, 1863, the fortress city of Vicksburg, Mississippi finally was captured after a siege by forces under the command of US Grant. The term of "finally" is used inasmuch as Vicksburg had been under attack ever since the fall of New Orleans in 1862. Union forces had tried every way possible to do this. As one example, General Grant even attempted to alter the course of the Mississippi River over a two year period. This almost caused damage to one of Grant's most loyal supporter, General Sherman, whose troops were engaged in endless digging in the bayous and swamps surrounding the city.As it turned out, the capture of Vicksburg gave the Union control of the Mississippi River from St. Louis Missouri to New Orleans, however, truly its only advantage was one of propaganda value to the North. A look at the map shows three Rebel states west of the river, Arkansas, Texas and the western half of Louisiana.

The military high command of the Confederacy was not impressed with Vicksburg's military or logistical significance. In the Eastern Theater, General Lee was aware of this and from his point of view, Vicksburg was an obstacle for the Union's commercial traffic. Even Lee was incorrect on this, as Mississippi River commerce in 1860 was never surpassed in the years after the fall of Vicksburg.

Confederate generals in the Western Theater, considered Middle Tennessee of much more value than anywhere else within the Rebel west.

As for being a conduit of Southern trade, first thought to be West to East trade, there too was an error. The trade actually flowed in the opposite direction.

The loss of Vicksburg had already been accounted for, especially once the South's largest city, New Orleans, was lost in April of 1862.

Texas had access to Mexico and its own Gulf ports, and Arkansas had access to Texas. And as no major Union operations had even been attempted against Texas, the Mississippi River no military or logistical value whatsoever.

As an aside, the siege of Vicksburg brought great pain to the citizens there. Vicksburg did not celebrate the Fourth of July until 1945.

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The Union's capture of the Mississippi River divided the Confederacy. The Confederacy was then divided between the East and West and this helped bring an end to the Civil War.

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Q: The Union's capture of which river divided the Confederacy?
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What was the unions plan to defeat the confederacy?

well there were 3 plans 1. to make a blockade of the ports 2. to capture the Mississippi river (the heart of the confederacy) 3. the anaconda plan!

What was the most important river in the unions tactic of splitting the confederacy in two?

The Mississippi River

What effect did the capture of Vicksburg have upon the Confederacy?

the confederacy was split in two after it lost its strongholds along the Mississippi river

What physical feature was vital in the unions plan to cut the confederacy in half?

The Mississippi River

What was The river that divided the union and the confederacy?

There was no river that divided the Union and Confederacy. It was the 36°30′ north that divided the two. Any state above this line, except Missouri, could not keep slaves. Any state below the line could keep slaves.

Why was the Siege of Vicksburg important?

The capture of Vicksburg aided in the Union occupation of the Mississippi River, and the splitting of the Confederacy in two.

What city on the Mississippi river did the us want to control of?

The Siege and Capture of Vicksburg gave the Union control of the Mississippi River, splitting the Confederacy in two.

The capture of which city advanced the Union's goal of dividing the Confederacy in two?

The capture of New Orleans was a good start. It was actually the capture of Vicksburg that was the key moment - not a city, but a major river-port.

Why was Vicksburg so important to the Confederacy?

Vicksburg was the only channel, at the time the only channel connecting the parts of the confederacy divided by the Mississippi. So long as it was held by the enemy, the free navigation of the river was prevented. Hence its importance. Points of the river between Vicksburg and Port Hudson were held as dependencies; but their fall was sure to follow the capture of the former place.

Why did David farragut's capture of New Orleans signifigants?

ANSWER The city was the most large city of the Confederacy. By its capture the Union sized the control of the Lower Mississippi, that, in addition to the progress made on the upper course of the river, was an important step forward to gain the whole control of the river and split in to two parts the Confederacy.

What opened the way for union forces to split the confederacy and gain complete control of the Mississippi river?

Grant's capture of Vicksburg did that.

Why was david farraguts capture of new orleanes significant?

It meant that the confederacy could no longer use the river to carry its goods to sea

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