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James Garfield is the only president credited with an original proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.An educated guess is that most of the college educated presidents knew a proof of this theorem at one time in their schooling.

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James Garfield created a new proof for this famous theorem. The proof is algebraic in nature and appears in some geometry books.

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James Garfield

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Who is the first person to prove the geometric theory a2 b2c2?

If you mean a2+b2 = c2 then it's Pythagoras' theorem

How do you prove the Pythagoras theorem by paper cutting?

Steps for this process can be found in related links.

What did Pythagoras do?

Pythagoras was a teacher, but he also was the first to prove Pythagorean math correct

Who was the only us president to prove pythagoras theorum?

James A. Garfield

Who was the only us president to prove pythhagoras' theorem?

James A. Garfield

What are necessary when proving that the diagonals of a rectangle are congruent?

A ruler or a compass would help or aternatively use Pythagoras' theorem to prove that the diagonals are of equal lengths

Can a corollary be used to prove a theorem?

Yes, the corollary to one theorem can be used to prove another theorem.

Did Pythagoras prove his own Theorem?

Yes, he must have proved his own Theorem otherwise it would not have been adopted by mathematicians across the globe. I'm sure you could test out the theorem: check whether c2 really does equal b2 + a2 in a manual measurement of a triangle; though this is less accurate and not as precise as the Theorem.

How do you prove theorem 3.6.1?

Theorem 8.11 in what book?

How did Pythagoras become so famous?

Because Pythagoras was the first person to prove the pythagorean theorem correct and his philosophy influence all other philosophers after his death, incluing Plato and Aristotle. His Pythagorean School gained influence and respect during the years around 520 BC in Italy. His Society was spread all throughout Europe and Asia.

How do you solve a remainder theorem?

You cannot solve a theorem: you can prove the theorem or you can solve a question based on the remainder theorem.

What theorem can you use to prove that AEB is congruent to CED?

asa theorem