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All Native American tribes were not the same when the Europeans first came to America, nor are they the same today.

The Native American tribes each had their own beliefs and traditions that often varied depending on the region of the country they lived in. For example, many Native American tribes who lived in the Southwestern part of what is now the United States lived in Pueblos (large buildings made out of sod), while tribes in other areas lived in tepees.

Even among tribes that lived relatively close to each other there were many variations. Many tribes had their own languages, and so they could not understand the speech of other tribes, making it very hard for them to have the same traditions.

Different tribes each had their own traditions, and while some of them might be quite similar with other tribe's traditions, they were certainly not all the same.

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No, each tribe of the Aboriginal people have their own language, customs, and culture.

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Q: Were all Native American tribes the same or did they have different beliefs and traditions?
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The very basic thing to be understood about the Native American culture is that it is made up of thousands of tribes. Each tribe has its own traditions, ceremonies, beliefs, history, clothing and language. Each one can be as different from the other as Irish are from the Iranians.

Why did Native American societies develop different cultures traditions in different regions?

Native Americans had distinct cultural traditions depending on their tribes. Each tribe had its own values and belief systems that differed from those of other tribes.

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There are really no "Native American" beliefs. Tribes, and even clans within those tribes, sometimes have very different beliefs. Traditional believers have a deep love and respect for Creator and all His gifts. They honor His world and thereby Honor Him. Beyond that, beliefs can and do vary dramatically.

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Some differences between Native American Indians and Australian Aborgines are:they lived in separate countriestheir history is differentthey had different but meaningful beliefs

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Why did native American societies develop different cultural traditions in differeent regions?

Native Americans had distinct cultural traditions depending on their tribes. Each tribe had its own values and belief systems that differed from those of other tribes.

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Each Native American tribe has their own oral traditions about their creation story. Each tribe tells a different story. Some oral traditions tell about how the tribe traveled from one region to another. There are no oral traditions about coming from another country. This is because Native Americans had no concept of Countries.

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B. it will be impossible, because the two traditions are too different