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FOR GIRLS:They wore shifts (loose undergarment), skirts, gowns, bonnets, stockings, and shoes

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Q: What did colonial people wear to church?
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What do colonial girls wear to church?

they would wear their best clothes

What kind of church clothes did people wear in colonial times?

I am guessing that there were mostly people wearing robes or tunics or even rags (poor people). This is my opinion what's yours

When did the people of colonial Maryland go to church?

in 1938

What did people in colonial Georgia wear?

somebody help me answer this!

What did people wear in colonial rhode island?

clothes with fur

What did colonial Delaware people wear as clothes?

They wore wool

How did colonial Delaware dress?

The people in colonial Delaware dressed fancy. The men would wear a fancy suit and the women would wear a fancy dress.

What kind of clothing did people wear in colonial Maryland?

ugly ones ;/

What did people were in the colonial times?

they would wear rags and animal skin

Do people still ware hats in church?

people are not allowed to wear hats inside the church

How important was church for people in colonial New York?

i really don't know..:/

What did the people of Pennsylvania wear?

They wore colonial clothes which would include stockings.