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mayflower compact

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Q: What document described how the pilgrims would govern themselves in the Americas?
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What is the name of the document that the pilgrims created to have a way to govern themselves?

the Mayflower Compact

Why did the separatists who came to America call themselves pilgrims?

The pilgrims were known as separatists because they did not believe in the teachings of the English church so they SEPERATED from it. They did this by coming to the Americas and starting their own colonies.

Why is the Mayflower Compact noteworthy?

The Pilgrims took it upon themselves to create a document for self-government. (A+)

Which document was created and signed in November of 1620 because the Pilgrims took it upon themselves to create a document for self-government?

mayflower compact

Christinanity was introduced to the Americas by the?


5 When did the pilgrims arrive in North America?

the pilgrims arrived in the Americas in the year

Why did the pilgrims and come to the Americas?

Because the pilgrims where in wore and the needed some where to go

How did the pilgrims prepare for their voyage to the Americas?

they were wierd

The colony settled by the Pilgrims in the Americas was?


Why did the Plymouth pilgrims go to the Americas?

The Plymouth Pilgrims went to the Americas because where they came from ,all had to believe in a certain religion.The Pilgrims did not believe or want to believe in this certain religion.This is why the Pilgrims moved,so that they could believe in they're own religions

Which document was written by the Pilgrims and outlined a form of government for their new colony?

The document that was written by the Pilgrims for their new colony was the Mayflower Compact

What the separatists often called themselves?