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Pass the dilldow

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Q: What games did colonial women play?
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Why cant women in colonial times play games?

Women didn't have time back then

What games colonial people play?


Why didn't women play music in colonial times?

Because they had...

What games did they play in colonial Connecticut?

They played COD

What games did colonial people used to play for education?


What kind of games did they play in colonial New York?

they did nothing

What sport was the only sport women could play in colonial days?


What kinds of games did the colonial children play?

Tag Hide and seek

What games did the children play in colonial Georgia?

they would play sports like we do just not competively as we do

What games did colonial men play?

Horse races, chess, gambling games, boxing matches, hunting.

What are two games colonial children play?

Marbles and Blind Man's Bluff

Are women alloud to play in the commonwealth games?

Yes, women are allowed to participate at the Commonwealth Games.