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the 13 colonies

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Q: What group of colonies did Pennsylvania belong to?
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What group of colonies that produced iron?

the middle colonies

What is the group in middle colonies?

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

What is PA engineering?

PA engineering includes a group of professional engineers from the state of Pennsylvania. They belong to PSPE, the Pennsylvania Society for Professional Engineers.

What were the 3 proprietary colonies?

Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

Cw belong which group?

what group is arclic belong to what group is arclic belong to

What colonies attracted settlers with pamphlets?


How can you use trial by jury in a sentence about the Pennsylvania colony?

In a Trial by jury,a group of citizens decides if a person is guilty or innocent of committing a crime

What were the colonies of the south colonies?

The middle colonies! Specifically, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

What middle colonies attracted settlers with pamphlets?


Where did the colonies belong to?


What group does the bees belong to?

they belong to the insects group

Why were these colonies discovered?

I think the colonies were discovered because the England king was cruel so a group of English people sailed away and found the colonies and claimed to everyone the found it and were not lying so named the colonies Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, etc.