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Q: What is Ukraine compared to the US?
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How big is Ukraine compared to Pennsylvania?

Ukraine is bigger than Pennsylvania. It is close in size to Texas.

How big is Ukraine compared to a US state?

Ukraine is roughly the size of the state of Texas in the United States. It is the largest country entirely in Europe.

How big is Ukraine compared to Texas?

Ukraine has a surface area of 603,550km2 which is about 70,000km2 smaller than Texas. Ukraine's surface area is about 89% that of Texas' surface area.

Why does Ukraine want to join the US?

Ukraine doesn't want to join the US, my friends. For sure!

What is us airmail postage to Ukraine for 1 oz letter?

us air mail postage to ukraine

What US state compares in size to Ukraine?

Texas is similar in size to Ukraine.

How big is Ukraine compared with Calif?

Ukraine is about four times the size of California in terms of land area. California covers approximately 163,696 square miles, while Ukraine covers about 233,062 square miles.

Who is the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers for Ukraine?

Oleksandr Motsyk is the Ambassador to the US for Ukraine.

Is there a flight from Phoenix AZ US to Kiev Ukraine?

Yes, you can fly from Phoenix, USA to Kiev, Ukraine.

Why we say the US and not say the India?

We say "the US" or "the USA", because US stands for United States, and USA stands for United States of America. We would (and do) say "the United States" and "the United States of America", so we say "the US" and "the USA". For some reasons, Americans used to say "the Ukraine", and I cannot explain that. When Ukraine became a separate country, we had to learn to refer to it as simply Ukraine and not the Ukraine.

Did the US get involved in Ukraine after World War 2?


What does the US and Ukraine have in common?

they both start with "U"