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To Make Sure The Design Work as Expected .

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2013-05-08 19:57:01
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Q: What is the main purpose of building a prototype?
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The main purpose of building the aqueducts?

The main purpose of building an aqueduct was to bring fresh, clean water to cities and other areas that needed it.

State the main purpose of the building regulations in the united kingdom?

The main purpose of Building Regulations is to ensure the health and safety of the persons in or about buildings.

What is the purpose of a function prototype?


What are the Steps of prototyping?

-Defining initial problem -Planning the prototype -Building the prototype -Checking the prototype -Redefining the problem -Finish product

What is the purpose of a plastic prototype?

The purpose of a plastic prototype is to test invention, attract investors, and or get the companies to license the invention idea. And the overall purpose is to make you money from invention idea.

Main purpose for the building of Basilica Aemilia?

it was public meeting place

How can you get a sneaker prototype made?

by having a brain and building it.

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1 purpose of a prototype is to find design flaws. If any were made, another prototype might be made. If not, the next step would be manufacturing.

What is the main character in prototype?

Alex Mercer

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So they could publish newspapers

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Flex PCB is a manufacturer of prototype printed circuit boards located in Tempe, Arizona. The main purpose of the company is to provide customers who need unique custom circuit boards with a specially designed and manufactured product that fits their specifications.

What is the purpose of a building permit?

the purpose of a building permit is to ensure compliance with building codes!

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