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In the civil war the south wanted slavery. The North had machines and wanted to abolish slavery. ; )

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the south wanted it, the north wanted to abolish it.

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Q: What side wanted slavery during the civil war?
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What side in the civil war wanted slavery?

My sideee :)

During the Civil War which side wanted to keep the idea of slavery?

The South wanted to keep the idea of slavery so that the inhabitants of the southern United States could make a bigger profit out of cotton farming.

Which side in the civil war wanted to end slavery?

the northern states wanted to end salavery

What was the name of the anti-slavery side and the slavery side during the civil war?

The name of the Slave States was the Confederate States of America because they withdrew from the Union, because they didn't get what they wanted and also Abraham Lincoln was elected President.

What side were many people on in the civil war?

Many people were on the NORTHS side because they all wanted slavery to end because when Abraham Lincoln was alive, they wanted to follow him

Could a slave during the civil war be a spy?

yup if it wa for the anti slavery side

What were the goals of the northern side during the civil war?

to beat the south so there would be no more slavery

During the Civil War which side wanted to limit the power of the federal government?

The South.

On what side of the civil right war was the state of Washington?

During the Civil War, Washington wanted to join the Union as a "Free State"

What side of the civil war would you rather be on?

The union because the wanted to abolish slavery and also because they outnumbered the south by size and by economic power.

What side of Texas did not like slavery in the civil war?


What were some problems faced by Texans during the civil war?

Did not know what side to choose. Thought that it would be better to support the Union, but Texas was a slave state. Union was against slavery, while Confederates wanted to keep slaves. Texas became neutral.