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The Dred Scott case did not settle the slavery issue - it unsettled it.

The South interpreted it as a licence to travel in the North with their slaves, and possibly re-introduce slavery into free soil.

The North was thrown into confusion at the Supreme Court's suggestion that there was no such thing as free soil, because slavery was protected by the Constitution. It caused furious disputes, including the Lincoln-Douglas debates, which drew slavery to the attention of people not previously concerned with it.

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Q: What was Dred Scott role to settle the issue in slavery?
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The court case that addressed the issue of slavery?

Dred Scott v. Sanford

Did the Dred Scott decision make the slavery issue better or worse?

boats annd hoes

What did dred Scott contribution to society?

Dred Scott rose the awareness of slavery.

When did dred Scott become a slave?

Dred Scott was born into slavery in 1795.

The Dred Scott decision on the issue of slavery upheld the Southern viewpoint that?

...slavery was protected by the constitution on the grounds that a man's property was sacred and slaves were property.

Instead of removing the issue of slavery in the territories from politics the dred Scott decision itself further intensified the what?

"Bleeding Kansas"

When is Dred Scott's birthday?

Dred Scott's exact birthday is unknown. He was born into slavery in Virginia in 1799.

What was the legal impact of Dred Scott v. Sandford on the issue of slavery in the territories?

The Dred Scott v. Sandford decision ruled that African Americans, whether free or enslaved, did not have rights as citizens, and that Congress could not prohibit slavery in the territories. This decision further polarized the nation on the issue of slavery and heightened tensions leading up to the Civil War.

The Dred Scott decision interpreted the constitution as allowing?

It allowed slavery and found Scott to be property.

How did dred Scott help end slavery?

His case.

What was dred Scott fighting for in the dred Scott case?

Dred Scott was fighting for his freedom. The Dred Scott case was a landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled African Americans were not considered citizens and therefore did not have the right to sue in federal court. The decision further fueled the tensions over the issue of slavery leading up to the Civil War.

Was dred Scott for or against slavery?

Since he was a slave he was likely against slavery.