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Q: What was the caribs evil sprits called?
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Why do people bang pots and pans on new year's eve?

to ward off evil sprits

Who did the caribs worship?

the caribs believed in spirit world;both good and evil spirits.they were careful to please the spirits,especially the evil ones who caused sickness and death,thunder and eclipses of the moon

How do evil sprits affect people?

They can throw things, even kill people. If they died in the house or building they will haunt it until the house is demolished then it is set free. If a house has evil sprits in it it is haunted otherwise it is just a house with a ghost in it

Can you call a evil sprits?

Yes. How much you follow Sila this much you will have a power to call to a evil spirits. Warning! Don't call to a evil spirits who lives away from you. He will come easily will not go away.

Why is helloween celebrated?

Because people say it scears away the evil sprits. And children have a good time asking for lollies

What is a group of sprits called?

A group of spirits are gangs that are going to haunt you.

Why do the Mexicans put petals on the ground?

to show the sprits the way

What is the plot of Anna dressed in blood?

she wants to protect cas so she tries to fight the evil sprits hoping she doesnt die AGIAN.

Who are the caribs arawaks?

the caribs

What is the name of a Carib leader called?

wwho is the leader of the caribs

What religion the caribs were?

what were the Caribs religion

Where did the arawaks live?

The Arawaks mainly lived in the Greater Antilles and the Caribs lived mainly lived in the Lesser Antilles. By the way the Arawaks were called the Taino and the Caribs were called the Kalinago. HOPE THIS WAS INFORMATIVE AND HELPFUL!