What was the middle pasage?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what is a middle passage

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Q: What was the middle pasage?
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Which type of depreciation is not based on pasage of time?

Units of production

What is a narrow pasage of water that connects two larger bodies of water?


What date did Henry Hudson first set off to find a ice free pasage to Asia?


What is the Suez canel?

Is a canal that was build to make a shorter pasage instaed of going all the way around Africa

How do you get through the dragon pasage way on counterfeit island poptropica?

you have to collect the dragon pieces all over the island.

What does 'Eowyn mean?

The name is usually given to mean "horse lover." According to the relevant pasage from Wikipedia, (see related link) the name is more properly translated "delightful charger"

What is the secret pasage on Fantage?

There is more than one secret passage on Fantage. Here are a couple I know of: The Grotto The Lighthouse Wizards Dominan (NOTE: These are the places where you find the secret passages, they themselves are not secret)

How do you get the elevator code in enter horror land?

You go to the motel and click on the door that's upstairs and when you go there you click on the door that is right on the end of the pasage and when you go inside there you click on the chair and play the game.

Did John Franklin find the north west pasage?

No, John Franklin did not successfully find the Northwest Passage during his expeditions in the 19th century. His final expedition ended in tragedy with the loss of his ships and crew.

How do you get back in the secret pasage way when you have already been in there once in poptropica astro nights?

the fountain you have to give the goth girl in the windmill the princesses note and go to the fountain and click the planets on the paper the goth girl gave you

What factors caused the slave trade to grow and how did this affect conditions on the Middle Passage?

The people of the colonies needed slaves. As farmers began to use fewer indentured servants, slaves became very valuable. People were willing to pay a lot for labor. As slaves became popular, the slave trade grew. The slave trade brought millions of Africans across the Atlantic ocean in a voyage called the Middle Passage. This affected conditions on the Middle Pasage because people were willing to pay a lot of money for labor. So, for greater profits, slave traders fit as many slaves as possible on board into spaces not even three feet high. The Middle passage was a terrifying and deadly journey that could last as long as three months. Thousands of captives died on the harsh journey.

Can you see the endoplastic reticulum at 400x magnification?

Yes, you can see the ER at 400x magnification because of its size of the passageways. In a encyclopedia, it sates that the size of its pasage ways and its job allow it to bee seen at this magnification.