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Actually Joseph had 7 sons:







and perhaps the most famous; Gsus.

His wife was called Mary

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Q: What was the name of Joseph's wife and his two sons?
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Joseph had two sons, born in Egypt: Efraim and Menassa

What chapter in the bible was josephs two sons?

Genesis 46:26 and Genesis 48:1-19, Joseph's sons: Manesseh and Ephraim.

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AbrahamAnswerAbraham had one son (Isaac) with his first wife Sarah and another with her servant Hagar (sons name was Ishmal) after Sarah died he married again (her name was Keturah) and had six sons with her. So Abraham had 8 sons in all.Jacob had 12 sons between two wives and two concubines. The sons of Jacob are the 12 tribes of Israel, the name that God gave Jacob.

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